Tuesday 03102015

Sup guys… get the camera out and selfie record yourself doing the BB Gymnastics. This will help you stay consistent, focus and honest with yourself. Send your video to me so I can laugh a bit give some constructive criticism.

WOD 03102015

A. Warm Up
30 Cal Assaul Bike
20 Empty Bar Thrusters
10 GHD sit ups

B. Barbell Gymnastics
1) 7X1 – 3 First Pull + 1 Hang Power Clean & Jerk – notes: no pause on the first pulls, but lift slow. Do not lose tension when returning to the floor on the first pulls. Remember to keep form. Hang Clean from the knees.

C. Strength
Back Squats – 1X5@80%, 2X3@85%, 3X1@90%– notes: rest 2-3 minutes between sets. Learn to work with the clock.

D. Met-Con
15min AMRAP of:
5 Ring Muscle ups
5 Deficit hspu
15 Burpee box jump overs

E. Interval Work
20 Cal Row
12 Push Press 155/105#
20 Walking Lunges (no weight)
– rest 1min –
30 Cal Row
9 Push Press 155/105#
30 walking Lunges (no weight)
– rest 30sec –
20 Cal Row
6 Push Press 155/105#
20 walking Lunges (no weight)

F. Accessory :
With a partner complete death by strict HSPU
Minute 1: 1 HSPU
Minute 2: 2 HSPU
Minute 3: 3 HSPU
And so on until you complete the round. Switch with your partner at any point to accumulate the number needed to complete each round.

G. Endurance:
6 Rounds
500m Row
-Rest 1min-


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