Tuesday 04072015

A) Warm Up:
4 Rounds
4 Pull ups (strict)
6 squats
8 push ups

B) BB Gymnastics:
7min EMOM of:
3 UB T&G Power Clean & 1-Push Jerk @ 80%

C) Strength:
Back Squat: take 20 min to find a 1RM

D) TVCF Met-Con:
5 Rounds for time:
12 Deadlifts, 155/105#
9 Hang Power Cleans, 155/105#
6 Push Jerks, 155/105#

In honor of USAF SSgt Timothy P. Davis, 28, who was killed on Feburary, 20 2009

E) Interval Work:
8 Rounds
12 Cal Assault Bike
9 Box Jumps
1 Legless Rope Climbs
-Rest 30sec between rounds-



One thought on “Tuesday 04072015

  1. Warm up: done
    BB Gymnastics: 3 rounds with 165, 4 rds with 175
    Strength: PR back squat 315 pounds
    TVCF Met-Con: DT 9:47
    Interval: no rope climb, around 9 min when taking out the rest

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