Friday 05012015

A) Skill/Warm up:
3 Rounds (not for time) of:
4 Overhead Weighted Pistol (each leg)
(start with unloaded barbell and build if possible or modified and challenge yourself to learn them)
ME L-Sit Hold

B) Strength:
1) 5 x 3 – Push Press
2) 5 x 2 – Back Squats

C) Met-Con:
50, 40, 30, 20 & 10 Double Unders
*between rounds of double unders perform the following:
8 Push Press (135/95)
8 Toes to Bar

D) Pain Wod:
21-15-9 of:
Thrusters (135/95)
Ring Dips
Pistols (alternating)
(250m Row between rounds)

Should be done separately if time allows. 

E) Interval Work:
4X200m Run – rest 1:1.5, 1:1.5, 1:1, all repeats should be at 100% effort.


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