Tuesday 05042015

Saw this featured at The Outlaw. This girl just turned 15. Here she nails a Clean & Jerk at 79kg/175# and she can hit a 70.5kg/155# Snatch

“With this lift Juliette Chang-Fane rewrote the American U15 record books – in the 58kg Clean & Jerk and Total – earned five medals, and qualified for US Senior Nationals.” Coach Rudy

A) BB Gymnastics:
6 minute EMOM of:
8 Snatches (full) – start at 65% and increase as AHAP

B) Met-Con:
5 Rounds of:
5 Clean & Jerk (185/125)
5 Toes to Bar
18 Mountain Climbers – knees touches elbow
62 Double Unders (or 186 single jump ropes)

C) Interval:
7 Rounds of:
1 minute of ME distance of Hand Stand Walk w/10# med ball between legs
30 sec rest
1 minute of AMRAP of Overhead Squats (155/105)
30 sec Rest
*Notes: Hand stand walks without med ball if need to. If you can’t HS Walk then HS Holds with med ball between the legs against the wall.

D) Endurance:
1 mile Run


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