Friday 05082015


A) Warm up:
5 min AMRAP of:
Jump rope (singles only)
*Clock running… How many singles can you do in 5:00. No double unders please singles only

B) Strength:
Find a 5RM Touch and Go Deadlift

C) Met-con:
3 minute AMRAP of:
Choose your strategy wisely…. – then
8 minute AMRAP of:
2 bar muscle ups
3 ring muscle ups with 5 dips at the completion of the 3 mu’s
5 dead lifts (275/185)
10 Over the Bar burpees

D) Pain WoD:
For time:
500M Row
50 HSPU (Open Standards)
30 Shoulder to OH 155/100#
10 Alternating Lunges (front rack) 155/100#
500M Row

E) Accessories:
3x alternating
1 minute ME L-Sit Hold
1 minute Freestanding Handstands (no HSPU)
1 minute Rest
*Alternating between movements for 3x each


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