Monday 05182015

It was absolutely crazy watching these beast go at it this weekend at the “NLI Classic”. You all did amazing! Incredibly proud of all of you! Anthony Ramirez taking 2nd place in the U18 division.

A) Warm up:
5 minute EMOM of:
7 presses (75/45#)
5 minute EMOM of:
6 wall balls
4 Burpees

B) BB Gymnastics:
1) 5 x 2 Hi-Hang Snatch – AHAP
2) 5 X 2 3-Stop Snatch Pulls – AHAP – *3 sec Hold at bottom of knee, top of knee and at hips before pull

C) Met-Con:
“Randy” for time:
75 Snatches (75/45#)

D) Interval Work:
4 Rounds of:
500m Row
21 Thrusters (45#)
7 Burpee Pull ups
*Rest 1:1 between rounds

E) Gymnastics Work:
12 Minute EMOM of:
3 UB Muscle Ups


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