Friday 06182015

A) Warm-up
100 Assault Bike calories

B) BB Gymnastics:
7 x 1 – Split Jerk – AHAP
*notes: Drop and reset on blocks each rep.

C) Met-Con:
800 meter run
2 Bear Complex (175/115)
600 meter run
4 Bear Complex (175/115)
400 meter run
6 Bear Complex (175/115)
200 meter run
8 Bear Complex (175/115)

D) Test:
5 minute KB Snatch Test @ (53/35#) for total reps.
*Note: The goal of this test is to perform Snatches for the entire 5:00 unbroken. You may switch hands at any time, but the final rep count should be evenly split between both arms. These are “Russian style” Snatches, where the KB returns to the hang position (between the legs) between each rep.

E) Gymnastics Work:
6 Rounds
30 Double-unders
10 Unbroken CTB pull-ups


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