Saturday 09052015

Hey guys, as I have mentioned before… This is not mandatory work if you can’t handle all this volume. Be smart about where you slide the work into your session or day. The extra work doesn’t always belong at the end and vice versa. I expect the Athletes qualifying for competitions to complete all work but if you’re new at it then ask your training partner or coach and work on your weakness.

BB Gymnastics:
15 minutes to work on Snatch
15 minutes to work on Clean & Jerks
*Go light. Do not work above 80% and work on speed and form. We will be looking for 1RM on Monday

Interval Work:
10 minute EMOM (5 sets):
Interval 1 – Bar Muscle Ups x 3-6 unbroken reps
Interval 2 – 30 Double-Unders + 6 T2B

For time:
400M Sandbag Run
15 Ground to Overhead (185/125#)
400M Sandbag Run

For time:
30 Assault bike calories
50 Push ups
30 Assault bike calories
25 Burpees

1) 5 Minute AMRAP of 10M (15ft) Handstand Walks
2)5x 100 Meter Pinch-Grip Plate Carry (choose your weight. Walking…not running)


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