Monday 09072015

BB Gymnastics:
1) 3×3 – Hang Snatch (top of knee) – Light. We MAX tomorrow- these should be UB, do not drop the BB between reps.
2a) 4X5 Snatch High Pull from the Power Position (Hips) @ 75%-80% of last Max Snatch
2b) 4X4 Tempo Pendlay Row (5 second descent to floor) – Light

5 Rounds of:
400 Meter Run
20 Box Jump Overs 24/20
15 OH Walking Lunges with Plate (45/25)
10 Deadlifts (185/135)
5 Bar Muscle-ups

Pain/Partner WoD:
25 Rope Climbs
50 Shoulder to Overhead (185/115)
75 Burpee Box Jumps (30/24)
-If no partner then complete-
3 Rounds of:
3 Rope Climbs
7 Shoulder to Overhead (205/135)
11 Burpee Box Jumps (30/24)

2k Row
Assault Bike 3 miles
Run 1 mile


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