Wednesday 09162015

Shoutout to everyone we’ve seen who has finally stopped asking and is now following the program. If you want to reach your goals, you’ll figure it out.
Sometimes while trying to be “brofessional”, we get a little ahead of ourselves in all the excitement, and become decidedly “dumbfessional”. If you going for a PR please don’t forget to video yourself and post (use #ironwarriors #irondemons) so we can showcase on our website. Thanks

BB Gymnastics: (make sure you warm up)
A) 7 minute Cap:
2min to Find 3RM Power Snatch
2min to Find 2RM Hang Squat Snatch
2min to Find 1RM Overhead Squat (from the ground)
*with a 7 minute running clock complete the above. You have 1 minute to change weight thru out lifts. Score = 3 weights total (PS + HSS + OHS) divided by athletes weight
*then rest as needed
B) 7 min to find 3RM Power Clean

Strict press speed work – EMOM 10 minutes 3 reps @65% AFAP
*Squeeze every muscle in your body, every rep. No leaning back. We’re looking for this to translate into the jerk. Speed!! head thru the hole.

1200m Run
30 Toes to bar
60 Double-unders
20 Toes to bar
40 Double-unders
10 Toes to bar
20 Double-unders

Gymnastics Work:
4 Rounds
50ft. HS walk – at the end of 50ft stay in static hold as long as possible
*Rest as needed


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