Monday 11092015

Snatch – 8×2 @80-90%

Front Squat – 5×4 @80%

3 Rounds of:
1 minute of ME Push-ups (45/25 deficit plate)
1 minute of ME KB swings (70/53)
1 minute of ME Push-presses (95/65)
1 minute of ME Front squats (95/65)
1 minute of ME Double Unders
1 minute of Rest then repeat for a total of 3 Rounds

4 Rounds
12/8 Assault Bike calories (SPRINT)
50ft Sled sprint (Light-Medium weight)
*Rest 30 seconds

Rest pause strict pull-ups
*Complete ME strict pull ups, then take 15 deep breaths, ME pull ups, 15 more deep breaths, and one last set of ME strict pull ups.
Three sets total. Do not exceed 15 reps in any of the sets.


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