Monday 111615

That is Beardtiful! Coach Oz killing it at the NLI Classic.

The heads got together and put an awesome plan/cycle for everyone. We are starting a new Cycle of Raw Strength and Gymnastics creativity under fatigue. Our focus for you is to develop Power and Longevity in a workout. You’ll see and hear me say “Get up and Go… As Fast As Possible! (AFAP). You’ll see Gymnastics under fatigue and Olympic Lifts will always will be at the top. Look out for IronGrip’s first Seminar on how to train, recover, and lift coming to you soon! Have Fun and lets get ready for ‘CrossFit Open 16’ together!

Snatch – 10×2 @75-85% –
*These are to be performa as Touch and Go. No fails.

Back Squat – 4×8 @60-70%
*Get ready for 1RM two weeks from today

For Time –
50 Cal Row
50 Bupees (6″ Target)
50 Wall Balls (25/20) *if no 25/20# wall ball then use 2′ higher target
Then immediately perform 2 minutes of ME Toes to Bar.

12-9-6 For Time:
Power Cleans (185/115)
Front Squat (185/115)
Push Jerks (185/115)
200m Run

3 Rounds of:
5 Strict HSPU
5 Muscle Ups (Rings)
*1 minute Rest… Rounds are meant to be performed UnBroken


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