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IronGrip Warriors!
IronGrip Warriors!

I love coaching this sport. This site began, back in March 5,2015 because I wanted to help others get stronger, get faster and achieve their goals, and I wanted to test my concepts. The fact that you would share in my ways is completely unexpected, and has been a massive amount of fun. As a matter of fact, working with and for you guys has been a massive amount fun. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, this is a job that happened by accident, and it’s the best job in the world.

We have not, and never will, master the exact formula for success in this sport. However, we will never stop trying, and every day that comes and goes we know we are getting closer. Just like the hours upon hours that you all spend with the cold Iron in your hands, trying to achieve the skill to add numbers to your PRs—we will be reviewing our growing sources of data, staring at the “Coach’s Eye” endlessly, bugging Colin Burns (jtsstrength) and Danny McDermott (USAW Senior Coach) with questions, and doing anything possible to continue to bring those of you who have given us your sweat and trust, the best possible chance for success in the sport.

Here are some key dates you need to know:

  • ​Open registration begins – January 14th
  • The Open:
    • 16.1 – February 25th – 29th
    • 16.2 – March 3 – 7
    • 16.3 – March 10 – 14
    • 16.4 – March 17 – 21
    • 16.5 – March 24 -28

I am more than excited for 2016. Feeling refreshed, renewed, and dedicated to all of you, our athletes, kicking a whole new level of ass.

Win Everything! Leave None Alive!


Rest Day!




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