Tuesday 020216

Apparently I suck at social media. Luckily I have smart people around me. Like David Castro, who alerted me to the facts that we can make our Instagram and social media a little less boring. I immediately made him “Head Coach of Social Media” – it’s like being the quality control coach for an NFL team, except with 0% of the pay – and told him to make it not suck anymore. Step one, make an Instagram and

Click here to follow ‘Trainirongrip’ on Instagram.

Step two, take pictures of cool stuff, and send your PR videos to trainirongrip@gmail.com. This way I don’t have to feel like a jerk for not posting everyone’s videos, and all the IronGripwarriors will get to share in your PR victory juice. It’s a win/win. Also, make sure they’re edited to less than 15 seconds before you send them, and they’ll go up immediately.


1) Work to a max 3-Position Clean (1. Hi-Hang, Hang, Low-Hang) + 1 Jerk.
2) EMOM for 5:00 – 1 3-Position Clean + 1 Jerk @ 80% of max from #1.

Back Squat – 4×8 @ 75-80% – quick up and down with no pause every set

15 min AMRAP:
10 Power Snatch (135/95)
15 Back Squats (135/95)
20 Calorie Row
30ft HS walk

5 Muscle Ups
15 Assault Bike Calories
*Rest 1 minute. Go AFAP each round.

300M Run x6 EoMOM
(Every other minute on the minute) All out, but don’t let your form fall apart.


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