Tuesday 2/09/16

The Apparently people like the fact that we’ve upped our Social Media game. Apparently they like it a lot. Since David “The Genius” Castro has started sharing millions of PR videos, pics of exercising, and memes that are actually pretty funny – Things just seem to have gotten a lot more fun. Also, it’s given us some much needed entertainment. This makes me happy. Enjoy.

1) 5X2 Clean from blocks (just above knee) + 1 Jerk – work up to a heavy 2 rep
2A) 4X3 Jerk Recoveries @ 100-110% (of max Jerk)

Back Squat – 4×5 @85% – quick up and down with no pause every set

1) EMOM for 7 minutes
4/2 Muscle-Ups followed by – 1 ME UB set of Double-Unders (if DUs miss occurs before 10 reps begin DU again)
*Rest 2 minutes
2) 4 rounds of:
30 sec. ME Assault bike calories
30 sec. ME Power Cleans (185/120)
30 sec. ME Assault bike calories
60 sec. Rest

4 Rounds of:
10 DB Squat Snatch (55/35) (5L/5R)
5 Burpee C2B


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