Monday 2/15/16


Two weeks before the open… We would like to simulate the Open weeks for the next two weeks. We will be following/testing the schedule, volume, and workout styles for the next two weeks that will imitate the five weeks of the open. We are building and developing a routine that can be an advantage during the open. You should begin to workout at the same time of day you will be performing the open workouts to prepare your body for a positive response. Below is an outline of the schedule we will be following for the next seven weeks:

Monday: High
Tuesday: Medium
Wednesday: Low or active recovery
Thursday: Low or active recovery
Friday: Open Workout (Friday Night Lights!!)
Saturday Medium
Sunday: Rest

Send your photos, videos or questions to

7X1 Snatch – Work to a max for the day

5 rounds of:
1:00 ME Wall Ball (30/20# – use a 12/11′ target if you done have 30/20# balls)
1:00 ME 6″ Target Burpees
1:00 Rest

3 min AMRAP x4
6 Shoulder to OH (135/95)
9 Deadlift (135/95)
12 Box Step-ups (24/20″)
Rest 1 minute between AMRAPs

10 min AMRAP:
200m Row
*Rest 30 Seconds
Push your threshold on every single one.

Extra work for Games.CrossFit Open Athletes only:
3 Rounds
3 Ring Muscle-up
3 Cleans (225/135)
6 Deficit HSPU 4/2″
3 Cleans (225/135)
Ten Minute Time Cap


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