Tuesday 3/01/16

Team TVCF IronWarriors Week 1! Nice Work

Open Week 2 Day 2

It looks like our in-house winner for 16.1 is Andrew Ramirez who currently sits in 74th place in Southern California Region; One of the toughest Region in the CrossFit Games. Close behind him in second and third is Scott Junk and Johnny Gomez. Without saying too much, Drew was a little sore today but I got him running like the dickens.

Great work guys!

1) 7X1 Clean from blocks (just above knee) & Jerk – work to a max for the day
2) 4X3 Jerk Recoveries @90% (of max Jerk)

1) Back Squat – 1×20 – 1 attempt to establish a 20RM. reps for warm up then go for it. Typically somewhere between 65-70% is a decent guess for loading.

8 Rounds of:
5 Bar Muscle-ups
10 OHS (120/90)
15 AB Calories (AB=Assault Bike)
*Rest 30 Seconds

5 rounds of:
12 Toes To Bar
12 Target Burpees

3 Rounds:
30 seconds ME Power Cleans @65%
30 seconds ME KB Swings (55/35)
*Rest 90 seconds


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