Thursday 3/3/16 – Open Week 2 Day 4 – 16.2 Announced


It’s a rest day, and I’m about to work my ass off…

We’ve been preaching on the behavior of precise movements for years now. It’s no secret that the more energy an athlete wastes when their technique breaks down, the harder workouts become. There are hundreds of people who can lift heavy weight. The question is, how many that can lift heavy, can lift an extremely light weight – over and over – with no breakdown or even the slightest deterioration of technique?

I guarantee we’ll get to see it tonight! CrossFit Open 16.2 announced this evening and performed by the 3rd and 4th fittest men from the 2015 CrossFit Games. Bjorvin Karl Gudmundsson and Dan Bailey will go head to head in 16.2.

What ever it may be… it’ll be heavy, fast and exciting. Whatever it is, you’re more than ready you’re #ironwarriors!


Active Rest Day: 15 Minutes at a moderate pace AB or Row… Spend 15 minutes on mobility and skill work. Pick a skill, something you need work on, and hit it with light intensity.


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