Tuesday 3/29/16

The open is over! What does that mean for me?
I recommend taking it easy this week and enjoying a break mentally. Feel free to do any of the pieces you see, but nothing crazy. Change the workout into something you like better, just try to have fun if you can’t stand taking a week of rest. We will evaluate our training and Starting next week you will have a program designed to attack the reasons why you did not make it to regionals. It will be challenging. Our minds and bodies need time to recuperate after a long season of training. You will get this time between now and the next cycle. Please e-mail us at trainirongrip@gmail.com and let us know what you need to work on and how you feel going into the next cycle.

7X1 – Clean from blocks (just above knee) & Jerk – work to a max for the day.

Back Squat: 1X20 – try to establish a true 20RM

Run 1 Mile – for time

Teams of two
3 Rounds of: (9 minute cap)
ME Power Snatch (155/105) in 90 Seconds while partner rows 500m then switch
Round is completed when both complete the Row.
Score is total snatch reps for teams.
We want to see some BS talking in the comments section on these partner workouts. Have fun but push them hard.


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