Monday 5/09/16

1) 5×3 Mid-hang Clean @80% of 3rm – rest as needed
2) 5×3 Jerk (off blocks) @80% of 3rm (drop all reps) – rest as needed
Note: Use your highest 3rm or 5rm over the last 4 weeks to calculate %.

1a) 3×10 Strict Pull-ups – rest 60 sec.
1b) 3×5 Push Press @ 80% of 5rm – rest 60 sec.

AMRAP 15:00:
Row 500m
50′ HS Walk
50 Double-Unders

5 Rounds
10 Deadlifts 185/115
Toes to Bar*
Rest 2:00
*Try your best to hit the number you picked last week for each set. If last week went well, add 1 rep per round and try to stick to it. If this is your first week, try to pick a number you can consistently hit for all 5 sets.

“Dirty DT”
AMRAP 15:00:
12 Deadlifts 155/105
9 Hang Power Cleans 155/105
6 Push Jerks 155/105
Rest :60


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