Thursday 7/14/16

Hey Guys…

I hope you all have been enjoying the programming thus far. I’ve seen some fantastic growth in strength, endurance and not just the physical but mentally as well.

In the last year and a half we had athletes rank in the top of their respected leader boards during the CrossFit Open.

My home box, TVC is growing which is great but with that comes more responsibility. My focus is to my members/athletes and to provided them with the best experience, training and care I can give them.

It’s with a sadden heart I announce I will freeze programming and posting here on IronGrip Training System. Tomorrow’s post will be the last post for now. I will commence at soon as possible and will occasionally post on IG Fitness articles.

You can still find my programming under TVC website and even come in and join our new TVC Barbell Club.

For all you faithful IronGrip Warriors. Thank you for your support. Keep bending that iron and feel free to hit me up if you have questions.

Thank You
Coach Mitch


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