Welcome to the Iron Grip Training blog. The purpose of this site is to provide you with a widespread programming at a competitive level as an athlete. The level of mental and physical discipline is expected to be extraordinary and because of that there cannot be a one size fits all program.

Call me Coach Mitch. Some years ago–never mind how long precisely –I when and establish a CF L1, a Power Lifiting Cert and a USAW-L1SP liscence. I am and have been coaching competitive football (soccer) for the last 10 years too. I hold a National “E” licence and a NSCAA GK Licence L2. I do this because I love it! After training and going through a certified class with Louie Simmons and Shane Sweatt, I realize that his technique and programming (conjugated Method) can truly benefit a “CrossFit “athlete or any type of athlete for that matter. The weekly cycle for weeks to follow really brands into the athlete’s mind the movements and technique. As a new lifter it allows the lifter a chance to learn and focus on the movements. I dug deeper into programs such as conjugated method, Wendler cycle,and 5/3/1. `I read and study Dmitry Klokov’s training methods; “the Russian Champion”, Strong 360, Strong(er), Principles and Practice of resistance training, Evolution Rx and others. Every day and moment that passes you should find a way to improve. Because of the mixture of programs but the excessive consistency of the movements thru the cycle, an athlete can really benefit from it because it is not a “one program fits all” system. For the same reason our method is somewhat unorthodox, untraditional training system. Arnold Schwarzenegger once said “the worst thing I can be is the same as everybody else. I hate that”. He then went on to win the Mr. Universe title at age 20 and later win the Mr. Olympia contest seven times.

Here you will find a variable programming style to help you.  The weights prescribed are programmed for the likes of Elite level athletes or around those boundaries, but it is always recommended and easy enough to drop the weights down a bit to benefit your body just as much as the higher level athletes. This means modify weight and or movements as needed.

Program is released five days a week; posted Monday through Wednesday and Friday through Saturday.  If you need to change up the rest days; DO IT! The template is as follow and subject to change based on required work or events.

  • Warm up – typically with the movement in the work out.
  • Barbell Gymnastics – the mere practice of Olympic lifts
  • Skill/Strength – The Traditional ; Back Squats, Deadlifts, Presses, etc.
  • Met-con – Your traditional couplets, triplets, chippers, and so on.
  • Interval Work – Applying the endurance training into met-cons.  build rest into these workouts to ensure intensity.  It allows you to increase weights and ask for unbroken sets.
  • Accessory – additional work of gymnastics practice and midline work.
  • Endurance:  Running, rowing, Airdyne, sleds, burpees, double unders and so on.  Some people call it endurance intervals.
  • And the newly added… Pain Wod… mental toughness wod. To help you push thru that breaking point.

You can do it all or choose based on what you need to work on.  This is where the variable programming comes in the picture. You are given options to make the program fit you. I encourage you to ask your coach or training partner to help you choose so you won’t neglect your weaknesses.

Also, don’t do more than is asked.  If you have extra time you should be resting and mobilizing.  I cannot tell you how highly important it is to add joint mobility, stretching and rest to your routine. This additional work will help develop your ability to be significantly more technical, efficient, and powerful in anything resembling a gymnastic movement.


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