Thursday 2/17/16

You should Fight the urge to add anything in at higher intensity. You have to take it upon yourself to really push the threshold in the work that is given to you on the other days of the week, and to use your rest days wisely.

Active/Recovery Wod:
5k Row (moderate pace)


Thursday 012816

I’m excited because I feel we have one of the best possible training format, to help as many of you as possible. Let us know how you are doing. E-mail your photos and videos to

Ever wonder how having a 400# Back Squat & 475# Deadlift translates to competitive exercise? Ask Andrew Ramirez, who sent me this yesterday…




Rest Day!

Thursday 121715

The next few weeks we will find the last few WODs & numbers that we will re-test in 6-8 weeks (which I assume will be right before the open). Make sure that you get all the pieces done and treat them like a test so you can really measure your progress in this last full part of our “off-season.”



Rest Day!